dhcp issue - Lenovo E73 - Realtek RTL8111GN

  • FOG behaving differently on 2 different types desktops. it let me deploy image straight from fog menu on Lenovo M91p but it didn’t work on Lenovo E73. it gets IP from fog dhcp then after fog menu and selecting image to deploy it tries to get IP again and this time it fails. error “Failed to get an IP via DHCP!”

    Both known working desktops.

    Please help.

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    @pdit So it’s probably something that changed in the Linux kernel that is causing this issue. I’d like to track this down but I don’t think I’ll find the time to do so in the next months.

    You should be able to switch between different kernels to see which version first had the issue. Find all the different kernel versions in the FOG web UI or here: https://fogproject.org/kernels/

  • I can confirm that the issue was in new FOG version. after i installed 1.5.4 version i am able to image same E73 desktops which didn’t work in new version. FOG team should look at what’s wrong in new version.

    Thank you all for help. Please mark this resolve.

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    @pdit I’m still not convinced its a fog issue here, but to answer your request you can get the 1.5.4 tarball here: https://github.com/FOGProject/fogproject/archive/1.5.4.tar.gz

  • i have setup new fog server identical to the one that is working with same hardware. everything is same except FOG version.and it still not working with E73 desktops. it is now proven that issue is not with E73 NIC but it’s FOG problem.

    FOG Team, how can i get version 1.5.4 ? i am certain that this version of fog won’t give me trouble. Please help me get it.

  • Our working FOG server is 1.5.4 version. isolated FOG server is 1.5.6 (one in question)

    Here is Details about working FOG
    Hardware : Lenovo M91p desktop
    Running as VM in Vmware ESXi version:6.7.0
    Desktop is connected to Linksys switch ( i sent you link about it earlier) which is than connects to Netgear managed switch.
    DHCP is handled by MS windows server. Gateway is sophos firewall where options 66 & 67 are also setup.

    we usually connect computers directly to Linksys switch where fog is connected and get them imaged.this is fastest way as transfer rate is much higher. sometimes we image them at some random location. but in both situation we have no issue imaging any type of computer. we maintain standard here so all our computers are of Lenovo brand. models are different and they changes every year. E73’s are the most in use here across offices.

    The reason why we are setting up isolated FOG is to send it to our remote offices and get their computers imaged to win10. we tried doing this over WAN but failed. option 66 and 67 was setup correctly at one office but when computer boots up it doesn’t talk to FOG server which is here in our main office even though we have VPN tunnels in place.

    Hope this helps. let me know if you need additional info.

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    @pdit Well, not knowing your setup in all details makes it hard to guess about the reasons.

    Do you have different versions of FOG running on those two different servers?

  • Not sure why same E73 works in another FOG server which is in our network.The only difference is that DHCP is handled by our own DHCP server.the process of NIC going down and coming back up is same across all computers. I have feeling some service in FOG not working as it should in this isolated setup. just not able to point which one it is. if you guys think this isn’t FOG issue. feel free to resolve this post.

    Thank you all for quick responses.Appreciate all help.

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    @pdit said in dhcp issue:

    Realtek RTL8111GN

    Searching the web for this NIC I find many people having all sorts of issues with this!

    So you are right. It seams model specific. Not sure when I will find the time to build a kernel with a modified driver version. Not sure if we want to maintain a different driver version anyway.

  • @Sebastian-Roth switch is not the issue.i tried all different switches, network cables even tried 3 more E73’s but still same issue. than i tried E72 model which is one generation older than this and that one worked. so its model specific issue.i just posted NIC description of E73 in earlier post. please check to see if there is any issue with that.

  • This is the Nic port specs of E73 desktop. “Ethernet : Gigabit ethernet port, Realtek RTL8111GN, Wake on LAN®
    does that help in finding solution to this issue ?

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    @pdit said in dhcp issue:

    Same E73’s works when imaged using in network Fog server

    This is probably on a different switch as well!?! I am fairly sure this is where the difference is coming from.

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    @pdit On these E73s, have they been updated to the latest firmware (bios)?

    I’m my mind I don’t see us trying a cheap network switch ($20 Amazon 1GbE switch) here to 100% eliminate spanning tree or green-power switch settings.

    Since its model unique, I’m not really thinking its the fog server at fault here even though the IP addresses are being handed out by the fog server. This appears to be a network link issue between the target computer and the network switch (but its not clear to me yet).

    So I would first start to look at the target computer make sure the firmware has been updated which typically comes with network interface firmware too (at least on the dells). The other thing is… is there a difference in action between uefi and bios mode with this hardware? I don’t think we’ve posted what mode these computers are in when attempting to boot.

  • Same E73’s works when imaged using in network Fog server. which is in Vmware VM. and connected using same old switches. we are going to replicate same setup with same hardware but in an isolated network.

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    @pdit I am farily sure this is not an issue with your FOG server but more a network card/driver issue on that E73!!! Don’t think building a new FOG server will help at all.

    Try other Linux Live systems to see if they have the same issue or not.

  • After trying all kinds of options we tried removing patch cable and re connecting it back when FOG was showing "starting eth0 interface " it worked for that moment and than we re tried it worked again for same E73 desktop but when we tried completely different e73 we are back to same issue. sound like it is some type physical issue. but can’t seems to figure it out. different patch cable were tried as well.

    anyways Thank you guys for all your support and quick replies. please close this thread. i will just create another Fog server hopefully it won’t give me this trouble.

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    @pdit said in dhcp issue:

    anything to do with Ethernet port name ? in centos 7 port is named as eno1 and that is what FOG picked up.

    Nope! Some Linux systems use the “old” style ethX while others use names like enoX or even enp0sX. But it’s just the naming and does not have anything to do with carrier/link status.

  • anything to do with Ethernet port name ? in centos 7 port is named as eno1 and that is what FOG picked up.

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    @pdit said in dhcp issue:

    My fog server is running on centos 7 in minimal installation. can this cause the issue i am having?

    Definitely not! FOG server system is not causing this I am fairly sure!

  • Sebastian, My fog server is running on centos 7 in minimal installation. can this cause the issue i am having? i did yum update all after i install Centos 7 but it is still minimal installation. let me know.