• I setup my FOG server with a small amount of space. However, I have ALOT of images stored on a shared folder located on a NAS unit. I thought I could perhaps point to that NAS folder and continue to upload and deploy images from there as well as the default location on the FOG server. I am thinking of adding a storage node from the FOG .32 GUI pointing to that location. Would that accomplish this? Am I right in my thinking and if so, can I get pointed in the right direction? Thanks!


  • Ok so I have the virtual FOG server setup and connected to domain now. I can browse the network on the FOG server to the shared folder I have the images in. If I right click-Properties, it shows the location as : smb://ernas03/d$/.
    Its at this path (on different partition) \ERNAS03\D$\images. However, I do not know how to input that path in linux. Seems the dashes (\ , / ) are backwards and I know one wrong input it wont work. Can you help me?

  • Looking at that link, I cant comprehend it. I simply have a virtual Fog server loaded, not a Domain member. I have a NAS unit running Windows Server OS and on a shared folder, I have all my images. I want to link them, but looking at that link I cant understand what I need to change…


  • Hello Will,

    I am configuring FOG in my enterprise network, but while I finish it we are still using a NAS. The idea is to point FOG to use that NAS. When I arrive to that step, I am going to try this:


    Please tell me if this works for you.