• I have a main FOG server setup in our HQ to deploy images to our building, and it’s working flawlessly. We want to expand this solution and offer it to our other locations around the country. We want to use our main FOG server as the pxe/tftp server and image management interface, but have storage nodes at the other locations. Our other locations have a mix consisting of QNAP NAS devices and Windows File Servers.

    The storage node’s in the remote locations will have either a QNAP or Windows FS for their image repository to save them space on their limited VM environment. I have tested mounting a QNAP to my test storage node with no issues, so I went on to test mounting a Windows File Server NFS share to the test storage node and ultimately ran into some issues.

    I created an NFS share on the Windows box and added the passwd and group files into the User Mapping. I edited fstab to map to the Windows NFS share and successfully mounted it. I also added the .mntcheck file to the images root and the dev directory.


    Next I mounted it on the Storage Node and verified permissions:


    Now I added the Storage Node on the main FOG server:


    Yes, the password is the correct one found in the .fogsettings of the storage node.

    When I try to select the new Storage Node in the dashboard, it says it can’t connect:


    Not sure what else to look at from here. Any suggestions?


  • That is certainly an option, but it doesn’t solve my issue of mounting a larger storage location for my sites that can’t have large local storage on their storage nodes (VM environment doesn’t lend itself to a large VM for storing images).

  • Is there a reason you wouldn’t use a separate Node that is also a TFTP server and just interface them as in this wiki?


    This ia basically my setup and I am doing it form state to state and it is working perfectly.