• I am pretty familiar with the process of deploying a Windows machine via FOG (specifically Windows 7) - how sysprep works, resets the computer ID, hostname, etc, etc. I wouldn’t declare myself an expert as I’m more than certain I have more to learn, but at least I’ve got a working gist of the situation, emphesis on [I]working[/I].

    So my question is this. What is the alternative to this on a Linux distribution? How would you deploy and manage a Linux distribution? For the record, I’m using Debian-based Linux distros (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint).

  • Ha cha cha! By George, I do believe I’ve done it!

  • I’ve made a VM under Virtual Box (bridged the adapter, ) and have uploaded the image, though when I deploy the image to a second VM, it doesn’t boot. I’m using Peppermint 3, it’s based off Lubuntu. I installed it to a 6GB ext3 partition (/dev/sda1). This I uploaded to FOG and deployed it to another VM with an 8GB HDD. It doesn’t boot. I’ve booted into the VM with a Mint ISO, to see the partition, which shows that the 6GB ext3 partition with a boot flag.

    I seem to recall reading others had issues with booting when trying to deploy linux.

  • The Fog ignores it, and averything works fine. SWAP don’t needs for Linux work, it’s only a ‘help’

  • What about the Swap partition?

  • You can Upload and Deploy Linux in Ext2,Ext3 (Ext4 maybe in next release, I think so).