• Hello,
    I’ve done all the research I can regarding multi-site FOG configurations but feel like I’m missing something and its probably very simple. I have 3 remote sites with approx 40 clients each, right now I have FOG configured at the main site with a FOG VM running at each remote location using image replication and the location plugin which seems to be working as it should. The problem is that when PXE booting at the remote locations the boot process hangs forever on “Downloading NBP file,” it seems this file is being downloaded from the main FOG server which takes some time over a 20Mbps WAN link especially if you try to image multiple machines at once. What, if anything, am I missing here? Ideally I’d like to leave all the machines on PXE boot so if I need to image one of them remotely I won’t have to try to explain to a user how to modify the boot order but with 60+ second delays while downloading the NBP file on each boot I can’t leave it on PXE. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • Right, I can absolutely do that if necessary. If I have them point to the local fog server can I still administer everything from the master?

  • If you scoped you dhcp you should be able set each subnet to look at their respective fog servers for their boot files.