Persistent Groups Plugin Not Working - FOG 1.5.5

  • We are having an issue with settings in a group that when a host is added to that group the group settings are not being applied to the host. In fact when you go and edit the group again after adding a new host the settings are now gone. Resulting in the behavior that the plugin is not working like it used to.

    Any ideas on why this is happening or how to resolve it?

  • Senior Developer

    The persistent groups plugin is most likely still working.

    First, understand how it works.

    It’s a simple trigger that’s generated but the trigger gets it’s template from a default host assigned to that group.
    The template host name must be the same of the group’s name. In that host, you define your wanted group settings. Then, when you add a “real” host to the group, it will obtain the information in that group.

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