Transferring FOG to a new server

  • Hi,

    I recently started using fog on a simple old test PC. We made a few images, tested it out and we’re very happy with it.

    I would now like to put it on a proper production server, but I need to transfer over the database, images etc, so that we don’t have to start again.

    I have built the server with the exact same OS and the same version of FOG (0.32). I’ve used the fog backup utility to create a backup of all the data and images. I then copied this across to our new server. This is where I become unstuck. I can’t seem to find where these files should go or how to properly integrate them in to our new server.

    Any help or pointer would be greatly appreciated.

  • You can do a backup of the mysql database that FOG uses and restore that file to your new server. See the link below for an example.


  • I wanted to change fog install from a hard drive to another one (bigger) and - as it was to be on the same PC hardware, i just used the DD command to copy one disk to the another, then expand the partition with fstab

  • I imported mine from an export off the other web interface, and just set all machines to do a hardware inventory on next reboot. I find it is easier than actually messing around manually entering into the DB. For instance, and I haven’t looked, if there is an auto increment key you could seriously muck it up by adding in a number incorrectly.

    What you will see on each machine in the notes will be that it was batch imported and the date it was done but all this can be modified. I personally don’t use the notes all that often yet so I am unsure if that is an issue for you.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. My images are now in the images folder in the root. Now if only I could get the database restored as well.

  • I am unsure about the data as that will go into teh DB, This would require either a script or Software to ALTER / INSERT the data.

    The Images however will be deposited into the the /images/ folder on the root of the new server. If it is another raided drive be sure to mount it in the /images/ folder. IF you still cant get the the Images to work, I simply made new images in FOG’s web interface and made sure ht folder names matched what I moved into the new /images/ folder.