SOLVED PXE Booting Different Models

  • Hi everyone, new here and new to everything FoG actually.

    Hoping someone can help…

    Here’s my current setup:

    Fog Version: v1.5.5 running on Ubuntu 16.04 (Which is a Virtual Machine on Windows Server 2012)
    Capturing Images from Virtualbox 6.0.4 w/Extension Pack installed

    I created a Windows 10 Virtual machine and I’m able to PXE boot and capture images without issue.

    I then go to a physical HP Elitebook 1040 G4 and am able to successfully deploy that captured image.

    The two situations I’m running into are as follows:

    Situation 1: I create a new blank Virtual Machine. I’m able to PXE and get to the screen where it says “Host is NOT registered” and I select, “Perform Full Host Registration and Inventory”. I fill out all of the information and then when it asks if I want to deploy now, I say yes, which leads to the VM Rebooting.

    Upon Reboot, it goes to some header with

    iPXE 1.0.0+ (960d1) Open Source Network Boot Firmware
    No Configuration Methods Succeeded
    DHCP failed, hit ‘s’ for the iPXE shell; reboot in 10 seconds.

    Question: Is there something else within the VM I need to configure to make it work? I’m not sure why it works initially for the registration, but then fails for the deployment.

    Scenario 2: I have an older HP Folio 9470m (along with several other older model HP laptops), wired into my same network port that I use the earlier mentioned Elitebook with and during PXE boot, it doesn’t even get an IP. I just drops to No DHCP or proxDHCP offers were received. Exiting Intel Boot Agent.

    Anything I can try to get these older machines to PXE boot?

    If there’s any additional information I can provide, please let me know.

  • @jcabuco scenario 2: is your network or at least that port setup for STP? If so, can you enable rapid or fast initialization of stp, sometimes called port fast or rstp?

  • @jcabuco scenario 1: most likely you’re using virtual box for the host environment handling your vm? Cold boot will work with undionly.kpxe, but warm reboots don’t. To fix this use ipxe.pxe for the boot file.

  • Update:

    For Scenario 1, I found a work around. I find that if I instead select deploy now vs Perform Full Host Registration and Inventory, I’m able to deploy my image. Something during the transitional reboot from registration to deploy isn’t working.

    For Scenario 2, I’m able to deploy my image to a different model if I just go to a neighbor’s ethernet port. Not sure why this works.

    This can technically be marked resolved now.