Windows 10 deployment Sysprep OOBE doesn't complete last reboot

  • I’m using FOG 1.5.5 to deploy a sysprepped (with answer file) Windows 10 Pro image to a set of 18 Dell Optiplex 9020 mini towers.

    The install works perfectly for 14 of the 18 computers but on 4 of the them it does not complete the final reboot so these computers aren’t getting the device name from FOG.

    Any suggestions where to look for the problem? All 18 of these Optiplex 9020’s have the exact same specs and are receiving the same image from FOG.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  • I"m going to guess these aren’t brand spanking new systems, but instead are refurbs.

    Same specs eh? What about firmware/BIOS and their configuration?

    Considering their age I wouldn’t rule out HW failure. Memory check?

    I haven’t had it happen in awhile but I would zero the drives for good measure.

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