SOLVED Error: You are not running the most current version of FOG!

  • Good Morning,

    Today I checked my fog server in the GUI interface and it stated that I was running version 1.5.4

    So I did my normal process of upgrading my server by running the following commands:

    sudo apt-get update && apt-get install git
    git clone /root/fogproject
    cd /root/fogproject
    git checkout dev-branch
    git pull
    cd bin

    After the installation, it said to navigate to http://IPADDRESS/fog/managment to update my database schema, well I logged into the GUI and didn’t really see any options to update the schema, so I clicked on the wrench to check what version I am on now. I get the follow, first line in Red:

    You are not running the most current version of FOG!
    You are currently running version:
    Latest stable version is 1.5.5
    Latest svn version is 6078
    Latest git version is 1.5.5

    So with all of that said is this a bug with the latest version whereas even though I am current the GUI reports the contrary?

    Also on a side note, when I tried to type the command “git clone /root/fogproject” i got a error “fatal: destination path ‘/root/fogproject’ already exists and is not an empty directory” to rectify this I had to rm -rf fogproject I don’t recall ever having to do that in the past but seemed to work.

    I just tested the server and was able to pull images down without issue, should this be something to worry about as I only store about 2 weeks of backups?



  • @Tom-Elliott Thanks again, I am by no means a Linux expert, I wouldn’t even be considered a novice.


  • @michaeloberg Kernel’s have no bearing on PXE booting. You only need to update the kernel in the case your hardware isn’t working with the kernels you currently have. Updating the kernel won’t guarantee the machine will be compatible with fog, however, there’s a more likely chance newer hardware and their relevant drivers will be in newer kernels.

  • One other question, sorry 😞 So in the GUI I can see several Kernel updates. We won’t be purchasing new computers for 2 more years so is it worthwhile to do these or wait until new product arrives to see if it will PXE? What is best practice for Kernel updates?

    Thanks in advance!


  • @Tom-Elliott You’re the man! Thanks TOM!


  • You’re running the dev-branch so you’re at a more recent version of FOG than the master branch. is still 1.5.5 with a few modifications, but the base version it’s seeing is set to 1.5.5 currently. This is perfectly fine.