New User Trying to Upload Image to Dell 620

  • I am trying to upload an image of a Dell 620 desktop computer. I registered the computer with the FOG server and created the task like normal. When I pxe boot the machine it recognizes the task and starts to run it, but while looking for hard disks it has issues. It says “using hard disk /dev/sda”. Then

    “mounting device NTFS signature is missing failed to mount ‘/dev/sda1’ doesnt seem to have a valid NTFS. Maybe the wrong device is used? Or the whole disk instead of a partition. Fatal error unable to determine possible ntfs size. Failed to startup volume: Invalid argument. Error(22): Opening ‘/dev/sda1’ doesnt have a valid NTFS.”

    I am not sure if I have set something up wrong or what. I have checked on the error 22 and some info I found lead others to kernel updates. If all I need to do is that I am unsure which kernel update to use to get this working since there are many.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance helping this new user out! 😛

  • sigh Please ignore my post … I found my answer here


    LOL … its early thats my excuse.