1.6 Hooks and their relevant Tie Ins

  • Senior Developer

    Here’s a couple of quick and dirty txt files containing all the hook events, and their respective tie-ins for plugins or hooks for operationally using them.

    I’m posting this because the AccessControl plugins uses these very emphatically to help with granularly controlling access. This, ultimately, means a full documentation of all the things that can be done natively.

    One file is the “Core” events. These are the events that can be enacted upon and integrated directly with the “base” of FOG using no plugins. The other file is all the hooks that plugins also generate.

    My hope is to get the access control plugin more on a dynamic nature than a guessing game. In the past I had tried documenting all the hook events into the database, and while this approach can work, it only inserts new entries when the event is to be processed in the first place.

    What’s wrong with the above approach? Well, to limit constant read/write to the database, the hooks were only inserted into the database as they were spawned. So let’s just say, for example, you never visited the User page. Your hookEvent’s table would never contain any of the hooks that are available on the user page.

    In these files, particularly the core file, is some commonalities between all pages I think. This will be evident just by looking at these files. A couple of places, however, use a generic approach to generate the event. These are using a % symbol to symbolize Host, Group, User, etc…

    Some of these will also function for the Plugins too (just a note).

    Hopefully this will help prepare people with some of our changes for when 1.6 is able to be published.


    Hooks_And_Tie-ins - Plugins.txt