Boot loop on some Dell Optiplex 790 when first boot device is NIC

  • Hi all,

    I could do with some help on how to troubleshoot this issue. We just purchased 15 x Dell Optiplex 790 slim PC’s and all 15 is set to have the NIC as first boot device. After I have deployed an image to them and they restart for the first time before sysprepping. On some of them i see Booting from local harddrive and then it will restart and then carry on in an infinite boot loop. If i pull the network card and let it boot up it works again and first windows start is completed etc.

    Have anyone has similar behavior and does anyone know how I troubleshoot this? The 15 PC’s should be identical.

    Help please

  • If you chain load them it should clear up the boot loop. I have a batch of dells that would boot loop on me till I just chain loaded all my FOG computers and now no problems.

  • Found this thread which i am going to look at