Dell Latitude 5590 issues after imaging

  • @lschnider was your image created with a UEFI or Legacy BIOS? I believe you need to match the format your image came from. Our district has imaged quite a few 5590 laptops with a golden image created in virtualbox using the EFI bios setting.

    If your image is UEFI based, you need to use ipxe.efi as your boot file and have the laptop set to UEFI with secure boot off. Don’t forget to enable IPv4 UEFI so you can PXE boot in UEFI mode.

  • Senior Developer

    @lschnider UEFI and legacy BIOS are very different. You can’t just switch from one to the other and hope that it might just work out of the box. If your source image is legacy BIOS, than you need to have something called MBR and a partition marked as active. FOG does capture and deploy the MBR for you - usually doing a fine job. But if you have UEFI there is a UEFI boot manager entry and a boot partition with an executable binary to boot from. As of now FOG will capture and deploy the boot partition for you but won’t do it for the UEFI boot manager entry.