Confusion with adding Hirens

  • Fog 1.5.5
    All normal functions fine (imaging etc)
    added DBAN with no problem

    following -
    for the hirens entry

    it starts to talk about Ubuntu
    and adding lines to the advanced menu (which im presuming i just add to the Parameters section in the GUI add ipxe menu section (just like i did DBAN only more complicated commands)

    however - following the guide in the wiki the commands to add contain the following :-

    “kernel http://${fog-ip}${path}/casper/vmlinuz.efi || read void
    initrd http://${fog-ip}${path}/casper/initrd.lz || read void”

    I do not have the /casper folder in the folders expanded from the iso.

    I have searched in the forums and only serve to further confuse myself

    I followed another guide found in the forums (purported to work) which boots the ISO directly but fails for me with BOOTSTRAP too large

    Could someone please help clarify the process to add Hirens (including pmagic) to my ipxe menu ?

    Thanks in advance :)

  • OK - so Partedmagic is now $11 for the latest version - which also comes ready to PXE - no scripts etc required to get ready
    Add files to TFTP share - add menu item - done.

    menu item =

    kernel http://${fog-ip}/pmagic/bzImage64
    initrd http://${fog-ip}/pmagic/initrd.img
    initrd http://${fog-ip}/pmagic/files.cgz
    initrd http://${fog-ip}/pmagic/fu.img
    initrd http://${fog-ip}/pmagic/m64.img
    imgargs bzImage64 boot=live ip=dhcp edd=on noapic load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=0 rw vga=normal sleep=0 loglevel=0 keymap=us splash quiet - || read void
    boot || read void

    Worked first time :)

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