Images Subfolders for Additional Storage?

  • At the bottom of [URL=‘’]this[/URL] page it says the following:

    [QUOTE]If you want to just add capacity to your images directory, you could instead mount your new device as a subfolder of the /images directory. In this case your wouldn’t need to move the original directory to /images1, and your fstab line would look like:

    UUID=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX /images/newdisk ext3 defaults 0 0[/QUOTE]

    I’ve done this, made sure it mounted, but it’s not being detected anywhere that I can tell, and any images set to dump into (or pull from) that directory get errors or cannot be found. What could I be doing wrong?

  • Just realized the two partitions I was trying to use were on the same disk… just deleted the one I was trying to expand with and extended the size of the one currently in use.

    LVM would have been another way of going about it had I been using two separate disks like I thought I was. Thanks for your attempt at helping!


  • I have run out of space, yeah. I have another drive that I wanted to supplement the first one - I can’t use it as a replacement because it’s smaller.

    I’m thinking of upgrading to the 0.33b trunk, but I’m not sure if that would impact my situation or not.

    Edit: The other thing I was going to look into was LVM… creating a logical drive that combines the two in use. That would solve my storage issue, but I’m not sure when I’m going to have the time to get that working.

  • Sorry, ignore my last question, I see the link now. Sun shining in my eyes, couldn’t see the difference in colour on the link 😉

  • From what I can guess from your post and the quoted text, you’ve run out of space right? Therefore, what I would do would be move the existing files from /images, mount the new drive to /images, and copy them back over, thus you’d be using the new drive instead for all of them and the subfolders thing… no need for that.

    Where is the quote from btw?

  • Any ideas?