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    Here are the errors I’m seeing.

    ACPI BIOS Error (bug) : Failure looking up [_SB>PCI0>XHC.RHUB.HS11] AE_NOT_FOUND 920180105/dswload-211)
    ACPI Error: AE_NOT_fOUND, During name lookup/catalog (20180105/psobject-252)
    ACPI Error: AE_NOT_fOUND, (SSDT:DELL_UMA) while loading table (20180105/tbxfload)

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    @Dee said in Not capturing image:

    but never captures the image so it restarts the capturing process over and over.

    Are you sure it does not capture at all? Do you see the blue partclone screens at all? How long does it take till the client reboots? Is it under a minute or more than that?

    Probably best if you could take a video of the whole process. I am sure this will speed up finding the solution very much. Rest your camera / smartphone on a pile of books in front of the client screen so we get a steady picture and no head ache.

    Possibly it’s just the finishing part (updating the database) that goes wrong?! We’ll see.

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    @Dee said in Not capturing image:

    Will run through the process again and see if I can take pictures.

    This is the best to get a clear screen shot of the actual error. There are many things that could be at fault. Get a clear shot of any error messages on the target computer as its imaging. FOS should produce a stop screen with a reboot in 1 minute message. Get a clear shot of the error (close ups so we can read the error and the kernel parameters).

  • Will run through the process again and see if I can take pictures.

  • @Dee Do you have an ability to capture a screenshot of when it is capturing? Do you see diskpart pulling the image? Is it failing to update the database which is one of the last steps? There should be a halt at the end if something failed and should wait 2 minutes before rebooting the machine. Do you see this at all?