Some Problems with FOG and dhcp

  • Hi all boys, first off all i love you and FOG. really, first i was using ghost from symantec, but FOG… is simpe FOG!
    i’m new in linux, i did a ubuntu 12.04 server and i install fog, some problems at the start but at the end it is working really fine. i put the 2 strings on the windows 2003 dhcp server for do this. in this last week and the morning some pcs were not connecting to internet but were working only the local server like \server, i discovered in event viewer the ip of my ubuntu server, because they take an ip of we assigne only to server, like<x<255. first of all i tried to shutdown the ubuntu server and alla client worked. then i seached online how to disable the dhcp server on ubuntu and run this command [CODE]update-rc.d -f dhcp3-server remove[/CODE], and fog start to doesn’t work! i searched again online how to put it back but i didn’t find anything, then i tried to install an isc-dhcp-server
    following this tutorial [url][/url] but i make only a bad thing i think. then i update my fog server to 0.32 (from 0.30) and today i create a proxy dhcp server from a tuttorial on this site but nothing, same error. here the attached image.

    i have a bit of confusion on my head but i hope you can help me. i hope i was cleare with my description and sorry for my bad english.
    thanks you all