Greeting guys and gals, I new to this and this is my first project, and I got an issue

  • I registered my test client and all worked OK, and when I go to task management and list my host and pick the one I registered and click the upload it does nothing, all I get is Task Management and below is nothing…

    this is the link of the address bar

    I should be able to see confirm something, right but I dont see nothing…

    please help the newbee out guys…

    Server is CentOS


  • sweet, I will try to install this on fedora again… I currently got this working on centos 6.3, working flawless…
    I goint to set a fedora set up now…

  • Hey GolpeMortal, that issue was driving me crazy, here is the solution, at least on Ubintu 12.10:
    on a terminal window type:
    gksu gedit /var/www/fog/management/includes/tasks.confirm.include.php
    On the .php file look for any occurence of &$tmp and replace it with $tmp (remove the ‘&’), save the file and run the upload again.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks Matt…

    I am trying to understand this but i cannot come up as of why this is hanging there and not do anything…

    hopefully some one had this issue before…

    I wonder if I need to edit a config file like php or some other file

    Server is Fedora 17

  • I have to be honest, I’m really not sure why that has happened. I suspect that its stuck trying to query the database or something like that. Really not sure though.

    Just so you know though golpemortal, most of the people on this forum are professional IT folk who usually reply to posts when they get chance during daytime work hours. It can be minutes, or sometimes days before you get responses 🙂

    Hopefully someone here will have a good idea what this problem is. Personally I haven’t had anything like this before so I’d hate to go beyond speculation.

  • I am stock in this point, I can not upload and image to the fog server, I guess no one here got this problem before… did I missed a step…

  • any one wants to help me, please

  • here is the screen i was expecting Matt



  • [ATTACH=full]177[/ATTACH] Good morning Matt and thank you for your reply…
    I uploaded a screenshot of the screen

    ok this happens after I click the upload to the client



  • Can you maybe take a screenshot? I suspect it’s saying the task is started, but perhaps you are confusing the lack of activity with the client computer doing nothing?

    If that’s the case there could be a number of reasons for that. Perhaps you arent using fog client in the OS you want to upload… or maybe the machine is switched off and Wake on LAN isnt enabled in the BIOS. Please provide more details and if possible a screenshot would be good 🙂

    Oh… and welcome to the community 🙂