Fog 32 - Ubuntu 12 - no longer Pxe boots

  • Hello, I just recently installed both, and was able to pxe boot to upload an image. After this I tried to send the image to another PC. On this PC I went to pxe boot and saw that you have to use a password for Quick image. So I read that you have to go to Fog settings to set a password, which I did. Now I am no longer able to PXE boot from any computers!

    I believe setting a password in the Fog PXE Boot menu has somehow made PXE booting not possible.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you much.

  • Well I came across
    sudo stop tftpd-hpa
    sudo start tftpd-hpa

    Which I tried previously and did not work, but now under my new circumstances it does work and I am now able to PXE boot and am currently uploading an image!

    Anyhow through there were no responses to this thread, I want to say thanks to all the other threads out there for helping me so far!

  • Well since I was unable to find anything about this I decided to do a reinstall of everything but this time on a virtual machine so that I could actually just use it instead of just trying it out.

    After installing a fresh Ubuntu 12 on Fog 32 I was able to PXE boot do a memtest and register the host without any issues, but was unable to do any TFTP stuff such as make an image or even update the kernels.

    I read that this is a password issue and then synched and set all the passwords for fog(except the PXE stuff like I did originally) to the same and restarted the server and was now able to create tasks and download/'update kernels, IE presumable fixed the TFTP issue, but now I cannot PXE boot anymore!

    So, again I am back to not being able to PXE boot, and I wonder if this is along the same lines as to whatever happened to me the first time! I have not set a password for PXE booting this time though.