FOG Quick Registration in Other Information Menu

  • I love this feature!!! We use it to rapidly load our DB with new machines when doing large deployments. I have a couple items I would love to add to this, to make it even more seamless for us.

    Since the quick registration process collects chasis hardware information I would like to be able to use a variable from that when assigning the FOG_QUICKREG_SYS_NAME. For example, we use the machine serial number in our hostsname, this would save me the step of having to rename the host after registration. Also if I could pre-populate this system into a group (even create a new group if needed) and assign the “Join Active Directory” parameters that would be helpful.

    Lastly, It would be nice to be able to tell the machine how to boot post quick registration. We do not set the PXE as first in the BIOS boot order. On first boot we manually boot into PXE. After the quick reg it boots back to the hard drive. I figure if you are able to launch the computer into a PXE boot on the WOL when I call an imaging task… then why can’t I reboot post quick reg into PXE again. Or if this is not possible, maybe have the option for quick reg to end with a shutdown and not a reboot. Then I can call the image process from a group action.

    Thanks again for such a GREAT PRODUCT!! You guys ROCK!