UNSOLVED Upgrade to 1.5.4 from .... (captured: invalid date) Debian 9.5; Client Lenovo M910 (i5 SSD)

  • I was able to capture and deploy Windows 10 1803 with my old FOG Version.
    With 1.5.4 capturing runs normal but the image is marked:
    “captured: invalid date”
    The reported image size seams ok.
    But I’m not able to deploy to another computer.

    Now I tested the same type of machine with a brand new installation of debian 9.5 and FOG 1.5.4 - still not working different error:
    “Could not fix partition logout (runFixparts)
    Args Passed: /dev/nvme0n1”

    So the upload process does not start:
    "Computer will reboot in 1 minute!

    The second problem was solved with the help of clonzilla:
    Problem of changing from uefi to bios while a system in uefi mode was installed.
    start clonzille
    use the shell
    sgdisk -z /dev/sdx
    in my case

    I’ve successfully deployed 12 Clients with multisync. But there is a problem:

    " * updating Database …"

    A HTML file is shown with:

    <h1>503 Service unavailable</h1>

    <address>Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) Server at Port 80 </address>

    " * Reattempting to update database …"

    “An error has been detected!”

    “Computer will reboot in 1 minute”

    BUT: all 12 Computers are working?! The FOG web page shows that the hosts are imaged: “2018-08-27 20:04:38”

    So there are two problems …
    -) update on the old system is not working (Maybe it is important that after I updated the system I mounted a new hard disk as /images; then copied the old stuff to the new harddisk)
    -) the mysql update after the deploy process is not working on my second brand new FOG server …

    Hardware Host:
    System Manufacturer LENOVO
    System Product 10MNS1QP00
    System Version ThinkCentre M910t
    System Serial Number S4GN4191
    System UUID b1239c00-8e57-11e8-835b-f6931cc12a00
    System Type Type: Desktop
    BIOS Vendor LENOVO
    BIOS Version M1AKT37A
    BIOS Date 06/20/2018
    Motherboard Manufacturer LENOVO
    Motherboard Product Name 3106
    Motherboard Version SDK0J40697 WIN 3305129849768
    Motherboard Serial Number
    Motherboard Asset Tag
    CPU Manufacturer Intel® Corporation
    CPU Version Intel® Core™ i5-7600 CPU @ 3.50GHz
    CPU Normal Speed Current Speed: 3500 MHz
    CPU Max Speed Max Speed: 4100 MHz
    Memory 7.66 GiB
    Hard Disk Model
    Hard Disk Firmware
    Hard Disk Serial Number
    Chassis Manufacturer LENOVO
    Chassis Version
    Chassis Serial S4GN4191
    Chassis Asset

  • Problem 1 “update” solved:
    I’ve installed FOG again - now it works 😉

    Problem 2 still unsolved.