multiple issues since upgrading

  • Can i roll back to a previous version?

    I dont know which version specifically but when the ui was changed i am now having numerous issues.

    when a machine is inventoried i now no longer see a list of macs, just primary and if its a usb nic because no laptops have ethernet ports it doesnt allow me to remove it as its a required field. I try putting in a dummy mac address so i can register a new machine to image with that usb nic and it still picks up the old machines name even after i cleared the mac from its record.

    on the machine side getting client errors: object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    saw another post saying this was a virtual nic issue. and i had created my first image in esxi. even though i saw no virtual nics or hidden devices in devman i made a new image from a physical device, like a caveman. same error.

    device also is not rebooting now but want to resolve these fog/client issues before trying to identify that.