• Hi guys,

    I’m a relative newbie to fog and have opted to use it in a school setting as part of my placement for university, firstly I would like to say I love it and a big thanks to the developers for all the time and effort it must have taken,

    I have successfully managed to upload images from a couple of our thin client machines to the fog server which was my first test as they are only very small images (being thin client), but when I moved on to a bigger test (a laptop I have set up with custom software as a template for a suite of about 24 laptops) it fails about 2% into the upload,

    my fog box on a ubuntu virtual machine sitting on top of a server 2008 R2 host,

    the physical sever (server 2008 machine) has 4 gb ram and a 2.4ghz intel core2quad processor

    the virtual server is the latest ubuntu with 300gb set aside and a mounted raw 500gb hdd which is the secondary

    drive on the physical server set aside as an image store,
    the machine I am trying to image is a stone MR025 with windows 7, the total image size is around 16 gig,

    I am trying to upload as a multi-partition (single disk) image,

    The secondary drive I mentioned is mounted in the images folder that fog sets up with 777 on all directories leading to the folder I am trying to store the files in,

    All directories in the tree, starting at and including the images folder, have been checked for the .mntcheck file using ‘touch’ in terminal

    Finally I have downgraded to the kernel from fog 0.29 as after a bit of searching it was suggested that could be the issue, but the original 0.32 kernel is backed up and can be re-initialized,

    Sorry for the essay guys but just trying to give you as much info as possible,

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give,

  • I am going to assume no one is able to help me with this and mark it as closed as I have taken recommendations found on other threads and changed down to ubuntu 10.04 and fog 0.29