SOLVED Duplicate USB NIC Mac Addresses

  • Hello,

    I have registered and imaged a laptop using a USB NIC adaptor, when I have gone to image the second laptop it is recognising it as the first laptop. I have tried ignoring the MAC for imaging however when I try and perform a registration on the second laptop now it doesn’t register.

    Please help!

  • @waynejitehead i simply remove the usb nics mac after deployment because it does not belong to the system, this way new hosts with same usb nics mac will propperl recognized.

    Regards X23

  • @waynejitehead might I make a simple suggestion.

    If you’re using usb nics on multiple machine, I would preregister the machines Wi-Fi Macs and the usb Macs. Then I would make the usb nics ignore for client. This way your machines don’t need to worry about what is used for imaging. I know it’s more work but right now there isn’t a better option with FOG. We are hoping to have a more unique system of determining hosts but it will be a while.