• About a week ago I lost the ability to look at the “Imaging Log” in the FOG Reports section. I am on 1.5.4 and recently upgraded. The issue was also there on 1.4 and I had hoped it would be fixed with the upgrade. Basically I go to the page and it never loads. In Chrome I get a “This page isn’t working” error. In Firefox it simply returns a blank page and nothing ever loads.

    I was wondering if I could simply delete the contents of the log so that it starts adding the current imaging log again. I used this to see what had been accomplished by my interns each day as a reference, and to ensure the right image was sent to the correct machine.

    Any help would be appreciated. I may backup the database and take a shot at just seeing what dumping the table does, but I would prefer the input from someone that has seen this error.

    As a side note, the imaging log on 1.4 was wrong and I had hoped that it was fixed in 1.5.4 but can’t see if it has. 1.4 showed a machine as imaged but showed the current image definition, not what was sent. If I send Image A and then changed the host to Image B, the log showed it was imaged previously with B. Kind of a small issue if you want to know what was sent, not what will be sent.


  • @nt_tech

    I’ll reply to myself! 🙂

    I dumped the database as a backup and used PHPMyAdmin to delete the first 1000 entries in the imaginglog table.
    It all works now! There was obviously a bad record somewhere in there that was breaking the report.

    As a side note, the imaging log issue was arrarently fixed. When I change the definition on a host is DOES NOT change the record of what was previously imaged…as it should be.

    Glad I upgraded.