FOG 1.6 Testing Needed - Help would be greatly appreciated as needed

  • @jgallo yes you should still have locationnplugin and ldap.

  • @matthieu-jacquart try git reset --hard then fetch checkout

  • @tom-elliott said in FOG 1.6 Testing Needed - Help would be greatly appreciated as needed:

    git fetch --all
    git checkout working-1.6

    It seems to be broken

    root@FOG:/opt/fogproject/bin$ git fetch --all
    Récupération de origin
    root@FOG:/opt/fogproject/bin$ git checkout working-1.6 needs merge
    bin/ needs merge
    lib/common/ needs merge
    lib/ubuntu/ needs merge
    packages/tftp/10secdelay/i386-efi/intel.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/10secdelay/i386-efi/ipxe.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/10secdelay/i386-efi/realtek.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/10secdelay/i386-efi/snp.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/10secdelay/i386-efi/snponly.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/10secdelay/intel.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/10secdelay/ipxe.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/10secdelay/ipxe.iso: needs merge
    packages/tftp/10secdelay/realtek.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/10secdelay/snp.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/10secdelay/snponly.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/i386-efi/intel.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/i386-efi/ipxe.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/i386-efi/realtek.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/i386-efi/snp.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/i386-efi/snponly.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/intel.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/ipxe.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/ipxe.iso: needs merge
    packages/tftp/realtek.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/snp.efi: needs merge
    packages/tftp/snponly.efi: needs merge
    packages/web/commons/init.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/client/registerclient.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/bootmenu.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/fogbase.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/fogcontroller.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/fogmanagercontroller.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/fogpage.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/fogsubmenu.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/fogurlrequests.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/group.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/host.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/image.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/imaginglog.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/module.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/powermanagement.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/printer.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/snapin.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/snapinjob.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/storagegroup.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/storagenode.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/system.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/fog/user.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/pages/ needs merge
    packages/web/lib/pages/fogconfigurationpage.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/pages/groupmanagementpage.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/pages/hostmanagementpage.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/pages/imagemanagementpage.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/pages/ needs merge
    packages/web/lib/pages/snapinmanagementpage.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/pages/taskmanagementpage.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/accesscontrol/class/accesscontrol.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/accesscontrol/hooks/addaccesscontrolapi.hook.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/accesscontrol/js/fog.accesscontrol.edit.js: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/accesscontrol/js/fog.accesscontrol.js: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/accesscontrol/pages/accesscontrolmanagementpage.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/ldap/hooks/ldappluginhook.hook.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/ldap/js/fog.ldap.js: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/location/class/location.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/location/hooks/addlocationgroup.hook.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/location/hooks/changeitems.hook.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/location/js/fog.location.js: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/pushbullet/js/fog.pushbullet.js: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/site/class/site.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/site/hooks/addsiteapi.hook.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/site/hooks/addsitegroup.hook.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/site/hooks/addsitehost.hook.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/site/js/ needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/site/js/ needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/site/pages/sitemanagementpage.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/slack/js/fog.slack.js: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/taskstateedit/js/fog.taskstateedit.js: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/tasktypeedit/js/fog.tasktypeedit.js: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/windowskey/class/windowskey.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/windowskey/js/fog.windowskey.js: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/windowskey/pages/windowskeymanagementpage.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/plugins/wolbroadcast/js/fog.wolbroadcast.js: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/reg-task/registration.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/reports/ needs merge
    packages/web/lib/reports/ needs merge
    packages/web/lib/router/route.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/lib/service/fogservice.class.php: needs merge
    packages/web/management/css/default/fog.css: needs merge
    packages/web/management/export.php: needs merge
    packages/web/management/js/fog/fog.dashboard.js: needs merge
    packages/web/management/js/fog/ needs merge
    packages/web/management/js/fog/ needs merge
    packages/web/management/js/fog/fog.schema.js: needs merge
    packages/web/management/js/fog/ needs merge
    packages/web/management/js/fog/snapin/fog.snapin.maker.js: needs merge
    packages/web/management/languages/de_DE.UTF-8/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: needs merge
    packages/web/management/languages/en_US.UTF-8/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: needs merge
    packages/web/management/languages/es_ES.UTF-8/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: needs merge
    packages/web/management/languages/fr_FR.UTF-8/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: needs merge
    packages/web/management/languages/it_IT.UTF-8/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: needs merge
    packages/web/management/languages/messages.pot: needs merge
    packages/web/management/languages/pt_BR.UTF-8/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: needs merge
    packages/web/management/languages/zh_CN.UTF-8/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po: needs merge
    packages/web/management/other/index.php: needs merge
    packages/web/status/bandwidth.php: needs merge
    error: vous devez d'abord résoudre votre index courant

    What can I do to fix it ?

  • @davido38 goto plugins and uninstall Windows keys Plugin.

  • @davido38 the version information is to be expected. This is because it’s not a stable version or rc.

  • I’ve got this in menu images list all images

    All Images
    {“error”:"An SQL error occurred: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘fog.windowsKeys’ doesn’t existSQL: SELECT wkID,wkID,wkName,wkName,wkDesc,wkCreatedBy,wkCreatedTime,wkKey\n FROM windowsKeys\n \n \n "}

    and this on Create new image

    {“error”:"An SQL error occurred: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘fog.windowsKeys’ doesn’t existSQL: SELECT wkID,wkID,wkName,wkName,wkDesc,wkCreatedBy,wkCreatedTime,wkKey\n FROM windowsKeys\n \n \n "}

    Debian 8

  • @matthieu-jacquart I believe to get the latest so you can see the new branch would be to run

    git fetch --all
    git checkout working-1.6

  • Hello @Tom-Elliott Would working-1.6 still support storage nodes with the location plug-ins as well as the LDAP plug-in? I would be more than happy to install and provide input to these features since I have the ability to switch back and forth from production FOG Servers in case “testing servers” act up and what not. Thank you.

  • Hi

    Installation ok

    Full inventory ok
    Deployement win7 legacy ok

    In fog configuration i have this :

    FOG Version Information
    You are not running the most current version of FOG!

    You are currently running version:

    Latest stable version is 1.5.4

    Latest svn version is 6078

    Latest git version is 1.5.4

  • Hi Tom,

    I’m going to test it right now ! 🙂

    edit : error message when trying to “git pull” on “working-1.6” branch (sorry, it’s in french) :

    root@FOG:/opt/fogproject/bin$ git checkout working-1.6
    Basculement sur la branche 'working-1.6'
    root@FOG:/opt/fogproject/bin$ git pull
    Pas d'information de suivi distant pour la branche actuelle.
    Veuillez spécifier une branche avec laquelle fusionner.
    Référez-vous à git-pull(1) pour de plus amples détails.
        git pull <distant> <branche>
    Si vous souhaitez indiquer l'information de suivi distant pour cette branche, vous pouvez le faire avec :
        git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/<branche> working-1.6

    I try to found solution but now I have tons of error…

    git branch --set-upstream-to origin/working-1.6
    La branche working-1.6 est paramétrée pour suivre la branche distante working-1.6 depuis origin.
    root@FOG:/opt/fogproject$ git pull
    Lots of "needs merge" message
    La fusion automatique a échoué ; réglez les conflits et validez le résultat.
    error: vous devez d'abord résoudre votre index courant
    root@FOG:/opt/fogproject/bin$ git pull needs merge
    error: Impossible de tirer car vous avez des fichiers non fusionnés.
    astuce: Corrigez-les puis lancez 'git add/rm <fichier>'
    astuce: si nécessaire pour marquer la résolution et valider.
    fatal: Abandon à cause de conflit non résolu.

  • Things I’m excited about that will come with 1.6:

    Universal search – The menu has a universal searching feature that will enable you to type something and anything that we can search (including fog settings now) will show up in a single point.

    Pagination – List pages/search are now paginated. Of course you can still choose to see all, but we no longer have to pull tons of information and iterate all of them before displaying the page. (Like I just said, you can do this if you’d like.)

    Overall Look/Feel of UI – The GUI is highly redesigned to be much more professional and responsive (viewable on mobile).

    Plugins – Moved plugins so that it is more implicit as to what is going on. Plugins interact with the core fog, but too often in the past a plugin caused a bug on the main core of fog, but the cause was not necessarily obvious. While this issue could still occur, for the most part plugins are even more modular than they were in the past. Because of this, having the plugin menu items (and injectable elements) contained in a more implicit defined area should allow us to more easily see exactly where an issue is and more definitively inform the users as to “core” vs. “plugin” elements.

    API – This part some are going to hate, but I believe the changes made for 1.6 make a lot more sense. There are quite a few changes in the API handling from 1.5 to 1.6. Mainly as the displaying code in the GUI should receive the data the same way as a user calling the API independently. I haven’t documented much of it yet, but the very basic level, list on API now returns the data under a json object identifier of “data” rather than “{item}s” as was done in the past (where {item} was host, snapin, printer, etc…)

    GUI Create – There are now two ways, currently, in which one can create items. They can do the old method of clicking on “Create new {item}” and presented with a form page of items to fill out, or you can create clicking the “Add” button on the List page. Clicking the button will display a modal to the user with the same options from the form page, but without having to leave the list page. What’s better about the modal method, the item will be immediately viewable on the list page once created.

    And so much more…

    I could go on and on about the list of changes, and some of you have likely seen these things already. To view it for yourself, please install using the working-1.6 branch, just remember this is still essentially testing, so use / install at your own risk. The majority of things should work fine as the backend code is separated, for the most part, from the frontend (GUI) code.