Unable to deploy Multiple Partition Single Disk Images

  • am having an issue with Multiple-Partitions Image deployment. I am able to upload multiple-partition images.

    I am using Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS with Fog_0.32.
    I have implemented the options that does not check the Fog database for default image so I can apply an image to any workstation I need to, ideal for this kind of testing.

    Single partition deployment works fine.
    I am receiving “Unable to locate image store” error when deploying multiple-partition-single-disk (not resizable)images.
    A related post about the filename and location issues does not apply to my situation as I can point to any of the files in the Fog-created image folder and it would perform the deployment for just that file. This will not work as I need this process to be seemless and smooth with a bootable freshly imaged workstation at the end of the process.

    Based on the default settings, If I just point to the img folder, thinking that it would deploy all the image files in the folder - it does not work.
    How should the pxelinux.cfg file menu item look like for a successful deployment for a multiple-partition-single-disk image since there are several images in a folder and not just a file like the single image resizable?


  • Solved…Multiple partition imaging works when using the original init.gz file, however, if replaced with the noreg.gz file, which I was using (not realizing)…it does not work. Also, make sure that the original pxelinus.cfg has not be corrupted, as this caused the noreg file to still load even after rolling-back changes.

    On to multicasting.