FOG being used as a Diskless server - iscsi bootable device possible?

  • Hello everyone, i have an iscsi device in my network that just happens to be a bootable disk with lots of utitlies, windows instalation setups and even a test OS.
    I used SanDeploy to test if it would work in the real world aplication and it worked perfectly, i also used ccboot another diskless system to boot from a vm disk and altought slow as hell, it also booted fine.

    My question here is:

    how possible is to get Fog to boot from either cases? (An iScsi drive, or a Disk image (non iso))

  • Nevermind, i went to ipxe and saw how sanboot works.
    So here’s what i found out:

    101 tutorials later, the simpliest way to get Fog to work as a IT Tools and OS’s deployment system is indeed with an iscsi device.

    So here’s what i did:

    Step1: Get a Synology or an Xpenology
    Step2: Create iScsi drive
    Step3: Mount the iScsi drive in your favourite OS and Clone / Install whatever you want it there, treat it as you were installing stuff on a drive you would like to have it bootable, in my case, i had a physical hard drive full of tools , windows installs, and even a partition with an instalation of windows so i can test everything out.
    Step4: After creating your Hard Drive just use Fog Project menu to say : Hey IPXE boot into this San device please.
    In my case i just added: sanboot , i’ll leave this one here but this one is leading into my xpenology, you will need to modify yours.
    Step3.5: i forgot you should enable multiple clients to access your drives, you can also make them read only if they are windows instalations or hiren’s boot or something, it works with everything and you don’t need to use the dreadful memdisk kernel that only works half o the time and it uses a bunch of unecessary ram.

    Anyway, many thanks to this comunity you guys were great , for now, i’m setup.

    A special thanks to George who was extremely helpful , it’s guys like you who make the internet awsome

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