Multiple TFTP Servers - Smae Network Subnet

  • Hello All.

    I’ve got Fog .32 running on Ubuntu 12 and I have a TFTP problem. I am integrating it into an existing network that already has DHCP running. I followed this article successfully to [URL=‘’]setup proxy DHCP.[/URL]

    The TFTP problem that I have is that we have a Cisco VoIP phone system on the same LAN subnet as the fog server and the phone system uses TFTP as well for updating the firmware on the phone. The service is always running and I do not have access to the Cisco box to turn it off.

    My question is, is there a way to configure PIX boot with FOG to make these 2 systems coexist? Currently, the TFTP service won’t even start on the UBUNTU box because it detects the port already being in use.


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  • Quick question. Why in particular do you need a proxy dhcp server? What DHCP server are you running?

    I’m only curious because I am using 2 PXE boot servers in my environment off the back of 1 Windows 2003 based DHCP server.