UNSOLVED "Could not find nodes containing this image"

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    I have a Fog server here that was using an external drive to hold the images. the drive failed so i installed and set up a buffalo NAS server. i created an images folder and mapped it to the ubuntu drive powering the FOG. i logged in to the management web interface for the fog server and added the NAS as a storage node. ill post those settings below. so i register a computer i want the image off of as a host, then log into the management interface and create the image file i want the host to upload to, then when i attempt to capture, that’s when i get the above error message.

    what does this error message mean? when i create the image file for the host to upload to, does it need to be set to go to my NAS server? the NAS server is enabled and under the storage group default.

    if i left out any important details, please let me know. and thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


  • @cstfoguser does the image have an assigned storage group? Can you make sure it does? Go to the image-> edit -> storage groups. Ensure it’s got an assigned group, click the update/add as needed to ensure it does.

  • @tom-elliott DefaultMember FOG Version: (1.5.2)

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  • What version of FOG are you running?