Scheduled WOL not working

  • Hey all,

    I’ve got a FOG Server that has a group of computers scheduled to wake up every weekday at a certain time. However, the scheduled task doesn’t seem to be working. I am able to wake up the computers manually using the Advanced Tasks section of the group management page, but the wake up isn’t working on it’s own.

    I checked the “Scheduled Tasks” database, and the entry does exist for that group.

    I have this working at several other schools, so I first suspected the router configuration. However, if I am able to turn it on manually then I do not think it’s a router problem. It appears to be a FOG Config problem.

    I am unsure of where to check for information on what may be the cause. Could somebody provide some place to start troubleshooting a scheduled task or maybe some extra info on this process?

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