How do I add Multifuntion Printers so that people can scan as well?

  • Hi Guys,

    I’v managed to successfully add TCP/IP printers with an IP_ port but none of the hosts can scan from that printer now, is there a way to add that functionality in?

  • Senior Developer

    I would think that’s up to the software drivers themselves. Simply doing “IP Printer” would not be sufficient. For this I’d recommend installing the printer fully (via IP_port as possible) and seeing that the driver is likely not pre-installed on all the machines, I’m not sure that you’ll be able to regain the functionality (Maybe if you inject the driver before imaging?). Once you’ve installed the printer and can validate it has printing and scanning capabilities download the PrinterManagerHelper.exe

    This should give the exact config you would use for configuring your printer in fog.






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