No DHCP Response on Eth0

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    @bartont126 Can you get me a clear shot of the kernel parameters, I need to see the entire line. Its in the section kernel variables and settings. The target computer can’t reach the fog server. I have a felling the answer is in the settings

  • @george1421 I made a little more progress.I am now using the unmanaged switch. I was able to register the host computer and the fog management console now sees the host. I then clicked the host, created a basic task to capture the host image computer. I rebooted to pxe which thus should begin to capture the image and now I am getting this error. Also, no I have no changed the IP address. I super appreciate your help so far! We’re making progress I feel like. This is the furthest progress I’ve made since I started this. 0_1518480654809_Image UPload.JPG

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    @bartont126 Sorry I didn’t see your second (third) image. That means that the target computer can’t reach the FOG server. Did you happen to change the IP address of the FOG server after FOG was installed? FOG doesn’t like having its IP address changed or assigned by dhcp.

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    @bartont126 said in No DHCP Response on Eth0:

    Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series

    So you have a business class switch here. Either change the stp mode to rstp (or fast-STP what ever its called). That should address your issue, or as I said test with an unmanaged switch to see if you can get it past this point.

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    @bartont126 If you can plug a regular computer into the switch and get an IP address then at this point in time the FOG server is not at issue. Also the snapshot you posted is an image of FOS trying to get an IP address. This means that you successfully pxe booted, loaded the iPXE FOG menu and then bzImage and init,xz (FOS) was transferred from the FOG server to the target computer. So at the moment the fog server is working perfectly.

  • @george1421
    SO I am now getting a new error with the unmanaged switched, maybe I am uploading an image wrong? I went into the management console, created a new imaged,named it Lenovo T470. PXE Booted, clicked ‘deploy image’, clicked Lenovo T470, and where I used to get the previous error I am now getting this one.

    0_1518479909320_New Error.JPG

  • @george1421 So I am trying to use an Lenovo T470 laptop. The server has the multiple network ports on the back of it. So when I do an ifconfig on Ubuntux 16.0.4 it comes up with 4 different adapters. I am using 1 which I have configured to a My managed switched, Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series SI Po-E-8 is also set to I will try an unmanaged switch.

    My Server is a PowerEdge T710 Here is a picture of the back of the server


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    just for clarity are you pxe booting a host with multiple network adapters or are you talking about the fog server with eno1 vs eth0?

    What manufacturer and model of device are you trying to pxe boot?

    My initial reaction is this is a spanning tree issue. Assuming this is a traditional desktop/laptop, lets place a dumb (unmanaged) switch between the pxe booting computer and the building switch. This unmanaged switch will mask the spanning tree issue.

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