• One thing Ive noticed is sometimes the “Wake up” command task directed towards a host will work (thus turning the machine on), other times it will not, even if directed towards the same host.

    The host machines are Veriton N281G’s, there is no obvious "Wake on LAN "option in the BIOS, though I believe it may be “Power On by PCIE Devices” or “Power On by Modem Ring” (both enabled by default, out of the box).

    I’m just trying to figure out all the options/possabilities. These computers (nettops) are simply imaged here before being sent elsewhere as kiosks. I’ve been trying different ways to turn them on/wake them up from poweroff and/or sleep.

    Trying to figure out what Fog does, and why it’s wake command has at least a 50% success rate of remote start.

  • I got around that by using the poweroff program found here:


    It’s no longer being developed but it works perfectly on win 2k / xp.

    Have not tested it with vista / 7

    Edit: I should mention that I use the auto-poweroff feature and that if you have a domain controller to use that to try to shutdown the computer(s).

  • Well, that sort of worked. Certainly things are turning on at a more regular basis. However, I’m starting to think that the Windows shutdown command may have something to do with it.

    If I turn on the computer, manually powering it off around the BIOS screen, I can successfully remotely power on the machine on a regular basis. However if I let the computer fully start up and then perform a start -> shutdown command, I can no longer remote start… Very interesting…

  • Try checking the sleep mode in BIOS. Try either S1 or S3.