Black screen when attempting to Perform full registration and inventory on Dell Latitude 5580

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    @lukebarone I know these are super new, but are there firmware updates for these ? Are you on the latest release?

  • @sebastian-roth Well, this was unexpected…

    I put up another Dell 5580 laptop, set it to boot from the network card (Legacy), and starting pinging as soon as I saw the IP address from my computer on the same switch. As soon as the “Full host registration and inventory” task starts, the screen does the black screen with blinking cursor, but the pings stop responding! Tested with UEFI Network Booting, and the same result, except no blinking cursor.

    Thoughts where to look next? I have left the machine sitting there for 30 minutes, as requested, with no change.

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    @lukebarone Don’t take a video of the hanging cursor on full reg. I think it’s ok to start with bootup and stop at the cursor. But you might want to leave the machine sitting there for half an hour (plus send ICMP ping messages to see if it still responds) just to see if it goes any further.

  • @sebastian-roth Since I need to image 43 more, I can certainly accomplish this Monday morning when I’m back at work. How long do you want me to wait at the black screen on Full? Quick happens pretty quick…

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    @lukebarone I am fairly sure there is one very important information missing here. If this issue is reproducible (full reg is stuck but quick reg works on the very same machine) then we are still blind on one eye! I’d ask you to take a video sequence of both processes from start (turn on machine) to end (stall vs. reg begins). Maybe there is a difference there that we can see on the videos!

  • @sebastian-roth Good question! Yes, it’s on the same machine. I had one 5580 that I was imaging constantly, and now have my Windows 10 image setup how I wanted. I grabbed another 5580 out of the box, changed the BIOS settings to match the first, then booted from the network. If I choose Quick, it works. If I choose Full, it stalls out. I see no message about a hard drive getting detected on the Full, it is literally a black screen with a blinking underscore-style cursor in the upper left corner.

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    @lukebarone That sounds really weird. Is this on the exact same machine you are trying both quick and full registration or just “the same model”?

    See our script code for both methods (ref 1, ref 2) does disk detection as very first step and you should at least see “Using disk device …” in both cases. I cannot think of why this could behave differently on one single machine.

  • @george1421 Quick Registration works as expected - text on screen, and host registers. When I do the FULL registration and inventory, the bzImage file loads, then the screen goes to what looks like a blank DOS window with the blinking cursor. Nothing happens for over 5 minutes.

    As for the Kernel, I chose to install the latest kernel offered on the Kernel Update page of my FOG install. I copy-and-pasted the versions into the first message, so I assume they were correct.

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    Just for clarity. When quick registration, and imaging are running you see text on the screen but when you select full registration nothing is visible??

    I would also have to question your kernel, where did you get 4.13.4 from? The current newest supported kernel for FOG 1.4.4 is 4.11.6.

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