TFTP fails on PXE boot CentOS 7

  • I just switched from Ubuntu Server to CentOS 7 for my FOG servers. I am unable to get PXE boot working. It has to be something with the OS because that is all that has changed. Same IP address and same options 66 and 67 booting to undionly.kpxe. At this stage when I was learning how to properly setup FOG using Ubuntu Server I was able to test the TFTP by using the windows built in client and obtain the pxe file. Now it just says “Connect request failed”. I have the CentOS firewall turned off completely. Anybody know why I wouldn’t be able to get the pxe file through TFTP?

  • Thanks kafluke! This was just what I was looking for!

    For anyone else looking:
    To change selinux to premissive permanently in CentOS 7 edit /etc/selinux/config. Change “SELINUX=permissive” the write out.

  • Fixed it. Found this little bit on another post and it did the trick for me:

    Also. please validate if selinux is in permissive or disabled mode.

    You can verify by running:


    If you notice it says enforcing still, run:

    setenforce 0

     -  From Tom Elliot

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