Bandwidth GUI Issue after IP/NIC Change

  • I finally received the parts to upgrade my FOG server to use a 10 Gigabit NIC. After putting in the new NIC and optics I also changed the IP to be on our server vlan instead of a test vlan. First I set the new static IP on Ubuntu with the new NIC. I then went and changed the IP in: /opt/fog/.fogsettings, Web Interface -> Storage Managment, Web Server -> FOG_WEB_HOST, TFTP Server -> FOG_TFTP_HOST, and in /tftpboot/default.ipxe. I then changed the interface from eno1 to enp7s0f0 in the Web Interface under NFS Server -> FOG_NFS_ETH_MONITOR and Multicast Settings -> FOG_UDPCAST_INTERFACE. I then reran the fog install and rebooted for good measure. Most everything seems to be working normally, I can access the web interface and can PXE boot and clone an image to a client. The only thing I noticed that was not working was when I cloned a client, the bandwidth GUI on the home page did not show my bandwidth utilization like it did prior the network swap. Did I miss a setting somewhere?

    FOG 1.4.4
    Ubuntu 16.04

  • After checking the log I saw that it was still looking at eno1. I found where I missed changing the interface under the default storage node under Storage Management. After changing the Interface setting from eno1 to enp7s0f0 all is good. Hopefully someone else will find this useful.

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