FOG Imaging Not Saving

  • Trying to create and upload a new image but it keeps failing.

    There are no space issues with the drive. There’s a half a terabyte free.

  • @dpotesta50

    OK. So if the image you have defined on the Web UI is named New_Windows_Test10-9 then the location of that image is /images/New_Windows_Test10-9 but remember that it will not exist if it’s a new image because your FTP credentials are not working right now. So there is no way for it to exist unless you create the folder manually. Hence why it would be imperative you focus on figuring that out as well so you don’t need to do this tedious work around. In any case as long as the directory is matching what you defined in the Web UI when creating a new image then you can simply use the mv command into that new location.

  • @jgallo 0_1510676941110_IMG_4860.JPG
    That’s not the path to the images. All the images are under “/images” and the one I’m working with is under “/images/New_Windows_Test10-9”.

  • @dpotesta50

    Place the newly re-named file from /images/dev/(name of image) to /images so it resides outside of the dev folder.

  • @dpotesta50

    Yes. You would need to connect to the FOG server via FTP from your computer. I would highly discourage from using this method because if you have storage nodes replication gets out of wack at least in my experience. I believe something to do with file permissions to the directory.

    If you are just worried about getting the image over to the proper directory and get working that it easy but doesn’t resolve the bigger problem. You could just re-name that folder with the MAC address with the name of the image you defined in FOG and place it in the /images folder. As long as the name matches and all the files from the screenshot you took are placed in there, you should be fine to deploy the image. Hope that makes sense.

  • Moderator

    @dpotesta50 Well yes if you want to salvage this captured image you can do that. It would be a bit tedious if you had to do that for every image.

    Also I would use the mv command over the cp command so it won’t have to copy the files only move the directory entries (like ftp would do).

  • @jgallo I understand there is a credentials issue and that FOG will automatically move the image to the appropriate folder once that is resolved.
    However, can I not just copy the files myself to the folder named for the image name?

  • @dpotesta50

    It’s not the wrong folder. As @george1421 states that folder where the files of the image you uploaded are is a temp folder so to speak so that once it’s completed uploading then the next task is to move it to the images directory. That is what FOG does. So it’s clear at this point that it’s definitely a credentials issue here because the image does upload but the very last step for FOG is to move those files to the Images directory but it can’t because it requires the proper credentials.

    I would re-read the suggestion @george1421 said earlier and examine your files to confirm credentials are accurate. I hope that helps.

  • @george1421 But that IS the image I created, just in the wrong folder?

  • Moderator

    @dpotesta50 If that is the mac address of the image you were uploading then yes.

    FOG uses NFS to move the image from the target computer to the FOG server. For security reasons, only the /images/dev directory on the FOG server is writable via NFS. Once the upload is done, the target computer connects to the FOG server using a ftp and instructs the FOG server to move the uploaded image from /images/dev/<mac_name> to /images/<image_name>. Since this is all done on the FOG server with file pointers the fog server only updates the directory listing and doesn’t need to move the physical files. This happens very quickly on the fog server.

    Now what has happened here. The upload went as planned, but because the fog linux user couldn’t login because of a bad password. The target computer couldn’t move the file to complete the upload process.

    You need to fix the linux user fog's settings to get things back in sync.

  • @george1421 So the image is here??

  • Moderator

    @dpotesta50 Well you need to get this FTP part to work, or your images will stay in /images/dev/<mac_address> and not move to their proper location.

  • @george1421 Once I stopped the CAPTURE task, the image deleted itself.

  • Moderator

    @dpotesta50 ok what I want you to do is this.

    inspect the following hidden file: /opt/fog/.fogsettings (yes the dot belongs in there).

    Review that file and look for a setting called password= (hint its easier to do this test if you are remoted into the computer using putty).

    Record the password, then from a windows computer, use a ftp client and connect from your windows pc to the FOG server. Login with fog and the password you gleaned from the .fogsettings file.

    See if that works. If it does then we need to look back in the webgui for the problem.

  • @george1421 Not that I’m aware of. I’m sitting right in front of the computer, nobodies on it but me. It’s running on Ubuntu. The login for the O.S. AND the FOG admin are both “FOG”.

  • Moderator

    @jgallo I agree.

    @dpotesta50 did someone muck about with the linux user called fog? Understand this is not the web gui administrator account that is also called fog, I’m talking about the linux user fog. We quite often see IT admins attempt to use or change the password on this FOG managed service account. If you have then there is a process to fix it.

  • @jgallo It shows the image was uploading though. The file size is 19.5Gb. Before when I was getting all the errors it was 615Mb.

  • @dpotesta50

    looks like your FTP credentials are not matching properly. The error is not on the Windows 10 machine but on the fog server ftp credentials.

  • @george1421 0_1510254251647_IMG_4666.JPG Well crud!

  • Moderator

    @dpotesta50 It should have told you right away that the disk was dirty and not started at all. So this surprises me a bit. But we see this common with Win10 (not being shutdown properly). We are glad you got it uploading now.

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