Wrong registered client association since 1.5.0 RC9 upgrade

  • Hi!

    Using FOG since years without any trouble. Upgrade was done 2 days ago from 1.5.0 RC4 upto RC9.

    First I had the isbitlockedpartition error and I solve it using your thread https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/11017/isbitlockedpartition-error

    But now the main remains: all client are considered as the same! I can’t capture/deploy because PXE is not recognizing the active tasks for the computer.

    launching a capture for computer TRAINING5
    on TRAINING5 pxe is not recognizing the task (MAC is correct) and launching standard disk OS
    then going on TRAINING5 PXE FOG menu and I see ‘Host is registered as TRAINING1’ !!! (and not TRAINING5!)
    -> MAC adresses are different between TRAINING1 / 5 and correctly configured under FOG

    I’ve made many tests with 10 workstations/client, it’s the same FOG is not identifying correctly the computers.
    FOG environment is working since years now, everything was checked (DHCP, FW, etc.) and nothing was moved since FOG 1.5.0 RC4 -> RC9 upgrade

    In order to test again I then launched a task for TRAINING1, and it was correctly launched. So FOG is considered all my network as TRAINING1 hostname despite MAC?? (never had trouble before! each computer is technically the same, SHUTTLE mini PCs)

    Then I delete all my 12 clients under FOG.

    Having an emmpyt inventory, I then put only the TRAINING6 computer. I was able to launch taks, capture, etc.
    I then put another client TRAINING2 in the inventory. I try to launch tasks, and it was not working again.
    Again, PXE menu on TRAINING2 is whosing ‘Host registered as TRAINING6’ (and not TRAINING2!)

    How to solve this?:

    Thanks for your expertise and feedback! 🙂

  • @tom-elliott thanks Tom! ok it’s working now, I forgot to change from dev branch to working one since my latest trouble. Everything is fine now! 🙂 keep on good work!

  • Senior Developer

    Install the working branch please?