SOLVED Init - Support for classless static route

  • Recently we have reconfigured our network in a way that clients are behind NAT with default router set to our firewall. As we have FOG server (1.5.0 RC9) on a different subnet and the firewall has limited capacity we have created additional classless static route to the FOG server (and some other local servers).

    We have found that udhcpc script in FOG’s init was not setting classless routes defined in (non-fog) DHCP server so I have changed the scripts in init to support this. Files are available on GitHub:

    It would be great if this or something similar is implemented in FOG.

  • I wasn’t aware of postinit scripts :(. Looking at postinit now, it seems that it would need network mount to work through default router (the firewall) and we tried to minimize what we are enabling through the firewall. XenServer PXE boot (testing host) doesn’t support classless static routes either so we had to let TFTP through to make this work.

    Maybe we could reconfigure our “single fog server - multiple subnets/vlans” setup? We have tried to create multiple network adapters on the same FOG server and to have clients from each network to communicate with the server through IP address in the same subnet but we were not able to set up this to work and I’m not sure if FOG supports this as I have seen that FOG requires network interface to be specified in some places.

  • @kkroflin said in Init - Support for classless static route:

    This is your own thing? I mean adding classless static routes isn’t difficult or anything, but your case is the ONLY one I’ve heard of. That’s not to say others wouldn’t benefit from this, but this seems like a very edge case to me right now. That said, you could use postinit scripts to actually achieve this same effort without having to change the init’s at all.