Import CSV problem...

  • Hi All,

    I’m having a curious problem with the upload hosts command. I’ve created a CSV file as directed and all is working perfectly - apart from the last field, the image id, which is being ignored. I’m pretty sure I must be missing something obvious but can’t see what - can anyone help?

    Below is a sample of my CSV:-

    d0:27:88:c1:12:fb,ICTSuite28,,Windows 7 Pro,5,11
    d0:27:88:c1:13:ed,ICTSuite29,,Windows 7 Pro,5,11
    d0:27:88:c1:12:01,ICTSuite30,,Windows 7 Pro,5,11

    The ‘5’ value works perfectly and selects the correct OS but the host image value ‘11’ is ignored but is shown in the host image dropdown like this - RL70_2 (11)

    It’s not a major issue but I’d rather not have to go in and update 50+ machines if possible.

    Many thanks.

  • Sorry all, just found a fix for this in the bug reports forum - didn’t look there! All working perfectly now.

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