SOLVED Install problem 1.5.0 RC 9 - Xubuntu16.04

  • Hi Guys
    Im setting up a new Fog server on an HP Microserver Gen8.
    I successfully managed to install Xubuntu 16.04 LTS. (Two Prev attempts failed, Ubuntu 17.04 with a bootloader issue, and Xubuntu 16.04.LTS first time as it somehow wrote to the install USB drive.)
    I cloned git and started the install from Dev Branch. I said no to DHCP as I have a windows DC that handles DHCP and DNS. When asked to update the PHP version to 7 I said yes.
    Everything seemed to go well. There were no error messages. When told to connect to the management site I attempted going to “http://Localhost/fog/management” and nothing happened(I replaced localhost with the machines IP address ).
    I thought something went wrong with the install so I ran it again. Again everything went fine until the last line - This time it said Fog install/update = Fail
    Nothing else.
    Any help will be much appreciated.
    I have to image 35 new computers for our Lab by Monday morning.

  • @jgallo Thank you so much. Completely forgot to create the database first!

  • @jgallo Thank you so much. Completely forgot to create the database first!

  • @TomcatKZN When I run into issues like that, I would uninstall fog completely including the fog database and restart the process. The step where it asks to go to the management site, that is to update the schema.

    Tip: If you are starting fresh install with 16.04, you still need to create the FOG database first and if you set a password, remember to use that password during the installer of FOG. I learned this because it kept popping up errors with that install/update = fail and it was because from a fresh install you must create the FOG database first.