[SOLVED] Upload seems to be correct but restore hangs

  • Hi !

    I Installed fog 0.32 in a debian squeeze 64 bits on an ext3 partition. (Now, it’s for testing the plateform but I hope to exploite this in real life 😉 ) The ext3 file system is an error. The final server become an ext4 partition.

    So, the server is fully functionnal.

    I start a host (windows XP) and make a fully registration without any problem. The next step is image this host. I create a resizable image and affect it on this host. I launch a task to upload the image and boot the host.

    The host boot with pxe and load the correct kernel. Task will start and image (resizable) will be created (it look so !!).The computer stop when the task is done.

    A file, correctly named, is created on fog’s images directory (master-dc5850). The file has 2.9 GB. The partition isn’t full (40 %)

    When I restore this image on a new host (100 % same hardware) the deploy task beguns without any problem, but hangs after a while. The clonnig task wait for an antother file : master-dc5850.001. Another point is that the deploy appear to be slow.

    I create a second image (multiple partition image - Single disk (not resizable)). The upload works like a charm and the deploy too. The deploy image boot well. The deploy task speed appear to be very quick (same as the upload task) !! (instead of the first).

    Any idea ?



  • So after a while, I found a solution.

    Before installing the OS, I wipe (normal, not fast) the DD with fog advanced task, next I installed XP + sysprep + deploy.

    The image works perfectly on 5 PC (in multicast)