Failed to connect to database, will try again in next iteration

  • Hi 🙂

    We have to deploy a bunch of computers. The computer model used before was working perfectly fine but our supplier upgraded recently this model, and so is motherboard model used in it.
    Fog server is running on Ubuntu 11.4
    If ever we try to run a “quick host registration and inventory” directly from the client, nothing seems to happen right after the “Attempting to register host” line. The text is scrolling but nothing happens.
    So, in another case, we try to add this client manually from the server, and run a deployment toward this client, and then, the timer is running, as the client is waiting for a available slot in the queue, despite the fact that this client is the only one registered on Fog database and no other active task is queued (the message “checking queue… done” is displayed, and the timer’s then running, but nothing else happens)
    If we check the log viewer, this message reads: “Failed to connect to database, will try again in next iteration”.

    Thank you for your consideration, if ever you’d be able what’s wrong with our server.