• I have reinstalled my fog server and put the images on a separate hard drive. I moved the images back to the /images folder and defined them in the web ui just like they were before. I try to deploy to a machine and it tells me this: The Third Argument [ /images/Optiplex360] must be a valid regular file or fifo (not a directory, a symlink …)
    do I not have permissions to the old files or something? I named the image the same as it was before. I am not that good at Linux so any help would be awesome.

  • Hi,

    I had the same issue, it was simply the OS not being set properly… For a Windows 7 image marked as “single partition”, it creates a directory to skip the possible bitlocker partition anyway… So if you have a host marked as say WinXP, on a single partition image, it fails to restore it. Switching the Host OS type fixes it!


  • I also made sure everyone has full access to the files read and write.