Problem completing task

  • Hi,
    I’m running Fog 0.32 on Ubuntu 12.04LTS Server.

    I have trouble Uploading image to the server. The Upload task starts, runs and reports to be finished, but the last lines on the client is:

    • Image uploaded
    • Task complete!

    … [CUT from list]

    and the screen keeps filling up with the stars. The task keeps being active in the “Task Management” panel.

    I have tried with several Kernels. The Image files is present and uploaded to the server when I check the catalog on the server /images/dev/[mac address]/

    I get the same problem with both Lenovo T400 and T60p. I have tried with or witout the fogprep.exe before staring the process.

    Have read alot of posts here but can’t find a solution.

    Can anyone help me in the right direction of what can be wrong?

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