Full host registration to reboot into multicast session and wait for last PC to be registered

  • Hi,
    It would be great if we could have something like this for new PCs:

    1. Full host registration
    2. Boot and input all details image/pc name/etc as normal
    3. At the end when it asks if you would like to image it, give the option to create a temporary multicast session using the image specified previously.
    4. Reboot and join as the 1st PC in that session automatically
    5. Provide the option for the 2nd/3rd/Nth PC to join this multicast group automatically at the end of their host registration
    6. Allow the last newly registered PC to ‘finish’ the group so that when it reboots and joins the session it automatically starts.

    Maybe keep that temporary multicast group with the same members until you specify at point 3 to start a fresh one (empty the group) so that you can re-use the group in case of errors/problems.

    Currently we have to do this instead:
    Boot all PCs to new host registration.
    Input all details, deny imaging and reboot.
    Catch all the PCs at their reboot cycle before they boot into the OEM sysprep’d image where you have to remove the battery/power off at wall to get out of it.
    Create a new temporary group, add all PCs to it.
    Deploy multicast image to group with WOL.


  • @Tom-Elliott I didn’t realise it was as easy as that - will give it a whirl next time we get a new batch of computers.


  • @Frazer I understand you asking for things that you think would be useful and while it may be such a thing, during registration is not the time to ask about “Multicast” vs. Unicast. This can already be done without even requiring the host to be registered. (Or you can do it after registering the host.)

    Goto Image Management Page. Choose Multicast Image. Setup the number of hosts you expect to join that session. Give it a rather large amount of time.

    Boot your machines, register as needed. At the next reboot select “Join Session”.

    It’s a little more work, but not much different than how you’re trying to get this feature request implemented. Heck, you don’t even have to register the hosts do join the MC session.