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      Can anyone tell me what type of image file is created with fog? I tried to get the file extension on my fog server but no success, I guess what I really want to know if anyone can help is the previous person in my current role as IT Director user Windows Deployment Services for imaging and there are at least 17 .wim images can I upload these to FOG SERVER?

    Any replies send to I am new to this forum and not sure if I will receive notifications on responses.


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    @markus1204 said in FOG SERVER IMAGE TYPE:

    .WIM is only used with Windows Image. These files cannot simply be added to the FOG Server and used as the image data on the server. Fog uses Partclone to create its images, and partclone is NOT the same as WDS/MDT/WIM files. We store the files with the .img extension so people know it’s an image file, but these are compressed (typcially). We don’t add the compression extension as users are now able to select their own method of compressing the image.

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