Adding unselected hosts to group

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.4.4
    • OS: Ubuntu 16.04

    I imported many of the existing hosts from our ‘live’ FOG service onto my test server. All of our hosts are labeled like <Building>-<RoomNumber>-<DeviceNumber>. So… Computer #1 in Room 101 at the High School would be: HS-101-01

    Anyway, from the Host Menu on the test server I typed in ‘HS-101’. This brings up all of the hosts that it should. I check the top checkbox to select all the displayed hosts and then create a new group for them.

    When I check the newly created group I find that all of the hosts that I previously had prior to the host import have been added to this group. It only happens if I create a group from the host menu. It doesn’t happen if I manually create the group from the group menu and then assign the hosts to it.

  • Senior Developer

    Can you unset the filter after “checking” the boxes to see if they’re all being checked accidentally?

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